Sunday, 25 April 2010

Dictionaries = Useless

I first posted this years ago on my Facebook page. I like it a lot and it will explain any typos in up and comming posts!

I am fed up of being told that if you don't know how to spell a word you should look it up in a dictionary. I just want to point ou that dictionaries are absolutely bloody useless if you don’t know how to spell the word in the FIRST PLACE. I say this having spent the last 40 minutes trying to spell liaise; this is not a simple task as I am dyslexic. I initially thought it was spelt lease a heteronym with lease (as in contract). The dictionary however told me this was bollocks. Next I tried phonetics “leeaze? only to find the internet offering helpful suggestions that the word I actually wanted was lease. I then tried to use a thesaurus to give me liaise as a synonym for words such as collaborate and cooperate. Did it work? Did it F**k. Next I tried swearing at the computer, jumping up and down, and swearing some more. I began to think that maybe the word did not exist at all, but then; Bingo! Liaison that’s a word and for some unfathomable reason I could spell it correctly (Dyslexia????????). Anyway liaison lead quickly to liaise and all was well.

Anyway rant over. You can go do something productive now.

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