Saturday, 24 April 2010


Its sunny, it’s dry, so it’s time to hit the Grit. Winter 09/10 has been great with my busiest season yet but the snow and ice are disappearing and the crampons and axes are almost ready to be packed away for another year. However as one door closes another one opens and it was good to head out to High Neb today and climb back on the bike so to speak with some good grit routes after so may weeks stuck at the indoor wall.

Bags down; gear up; tie in to the sharp end; and start up Inaccessible Crack (VS 4c). Feels a bit strange after so long off but my hands soon get used to the rounded holds and my feet to faith in friction. It’s a good route even if I do lace it with a few too many runners.
Next up is Twisting Crack which proves easy but brilliant good exposure on huge holds. Sat at the top to belay up Nick I’m inspired a beautiful day looking down the hope Valley and across to Kinder Scout.

Me engrossed on Twisting Crack
I then second John on Knutter (HVS 5b), and an E1 5a whose name currently escapes me. Both are good routes and neither was technically difficult however both were a little run out and I do not currently have the balls to lead them. This is the big challenge for this year pushing my leading out a bit and dealing with the fear of falling.
A quality day ends with my psyche for Gritstone restored and a big hit list of routes waiting to be ticked. It’s going to be a good season.


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