Sunday, 16 May 2010

Can I Have a Top Rope Please?

After recent thoughts on pushing the grade and learning to be comfortable above gear today's attempt has ended in failure. Good day at Froggatt in the Peak, three easy routes done introducing my mate Andy to his first taste of Gritstone. Then I decide to push the boat out a little.

I've been wanting to do Chequers' Buttress for ages as it's a 3* classic HVS. It's hard but safe, with good gear. The attempt went well until I tried to reach across and get established on the arĂȘte. It was hard, I got scared, and could not commit to the moves. Embarrassingly I then called for a top rope.

Were it all went wrong. I got to this point but could not persuade my right hand to let go and move onto the arĂȘte. (photo © ChrisBrooke)

But here's the thing; I then hung at the crux for five minutes whilst it was prepared so I'm obviously strong enough to do these routes. The gear was at waist hight so even if I had fallen I would not have gone far. Really, really frustrating that I could not commit to the move.

Once the top rope arrived finished relativity easily. Bugger! Must try harder.

1 comment:

  1. Can happen to us all mate. Glad i was able to assist. :-)

    You'll do it next time I'm sure!