Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Election

Tomorrow you need to do society a little favour, get your voting card and go down to your local polling station and put an X in a box. If you really can't bring yourself to choose write your own box and tick that, it will be recorded as a spoilt ballot which is a statement in itself. Now you may feel society already does/asks too much or too little, takes too much or not enough, stands for what you believe in or needs major reform. But unless you make that walk tomorrow what you are actually saying is "I don't care".

I feel voting is really important, it's a statement of participation, that you have listened to ideas for the future and made a decision about them be it assent or rejection. Regardless of what you think the role of the state should be in society voting says you care about your future. 

Frankly if you fail to do this you have no right to complain about anything and essentially until the next election your opinions don't matter. If you can't be bothered to give five minutes of your time tomorrow to register some form of will with society shame on you.

Do the right thing.

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