Sunday, 24 October 2010

Time, Light, and Beauty

I discovered this trilogy of videos this weekend whilst hunting around on the Teton Gravity Research site. TGR in my opinion have set the standard to which all, and I cringe slightly when using this word "extreme" sport videos should be judged. I don't think the director here, Jordan Manley works directly for TGR but the same quality shines through.

I always think the biggest problem with these types of video, and this is especially true of a lot currently produced about climbing is that they are often quite insular; trying to appeal to people within the sport rather than showing the beauty of the sport in a way outsiders can understand and appreciate. These videos manage to do that without dumbing down and compromising on quality.

There is some exceptional camera work here that captures the beauty and fragility of the mountain landscape. Episode 3 in my opinion is the best and contains changes in focus and time lapse shots of brilliant inventiveness. I love the star wheel shots above the camp-site the rhythms of the planet sped up within the minds eye.

I hope you enjoy.

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