Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mounting Brad Pit

If a search engine has brought you here in the hope of some salacious gossip about Mr Pitt then I'm afraid I am going to have to disappoint you. Brad Pitt is a classic boulder problem at Stanage Plantation which comes in at a hefty font 7c+ (non climber speak = nails!).

Dom and Matt started working the moves, whereas I worked the camera. Below are the results, you may notice we did not really get past the first move.

I also took some video but due to the unique way my life is funded I cannot currently afford a computer powerful enough to edit the HD footage. A deposit account has been opened at the Bank du Miles and I should shortly be upgrading my IT. Until then sorry.


  1. Great shots, its a good angle and you made best use of the bad light. GT

  2. Here was my attempt