Friday, 13 May 2011

Skye; Of Time Immemorial

Just thought I would post a few more pictures of Skye the last ones for a while. On the Sunday the plans had been to get on arrow route (VD) and integrity (possible the finest HS in Scotland)  but unfortunately John had done his knees in descending off the Cuillin the day before. Instead we decided to walk along the south site of Loch Brittle and explore the Rubha an Dunain peninsular. 

There's lots of history on Skye hidden from casual glance but not hard to find if you look, most of it's marked on the map for all to see! Within about  1 square km we managed to stumble across a neolithic chambered cairn, a fort, Viking harbour and a number of old shelings.  A history streching back over 2000 years with each culture leaving it's mark in the landscape.

John with the practiced eye of the geologist was a little suspicious of some of the cliffs and channels thinking the looked man made. Turns out he was right we had stumbled a cross a Viking harbour.

 Looking back to the Cuillin from towards the peninsular

 The Cuillin and the remains of a Dun (fort) possibly Viking possibly Celtic?

 The best bivi spot ever???

Looking toward the peninsular

 The remains of a sheiling, We argued what this building was. It was by far the largest and best build building on the site, possibly a hall or church?

 A chambered cairn, one chamber had collapsed but there looked to be others still intact, not bad for 2000 year old engineering.

 The top of the Dun wall, looking down to the viking harbour and possibly a quarry.

The Dun wall, beautifully made.

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