Friday, 3 June 2011

New Toy!

I'm very excited! I picked up my new bike today, it's sat by my fireplace looking shiny, and new. I now own three bikes (2 MTB, one road) which some people may find excessive, however a wise man (sort of) once told me the secret to bike happiness; perfect no of bikes = number of bikes you own + 1. 

A new addition to the family.

Looking at the picture and you may think the new addition looks a bit odd, slightly out of proportion, well you're right, the wheels are big. The bike is a 29er, basically it has 29" wheels rather than the standard 26" wheels you get with most bikes. There are logical reasons for this but I will talk about them when I give the bike a proper review. First I have to ride it, which will keep me occupied this weekend.

The 29" wheel next to the 26" on my standard full suspension.

The bike is a Gary Fisher Cobia; Gary Fisher has as good a claim as anyone to have invented the mountain bike. Having done this he didn't stop; unlike all other mainstream manufactures  Fisher is still tinkering with the fundermentals of frame and fork geometry to make the bike ride better and because of this all Fishers handle in a unique way. I love his bikes, this is the third I have owned and if I get my way I will never buy another make. 

A fist full of Fishers.

Unfortunately Trek who have bought the Fisher brand (retaining the man) have decided to drop the name from their bikes. Therefore  I now own a Trek Cobia from the Gary Fisher Collection. I'm disappointed by this, the Fisher name always signified a little  bit of quirkiness a desire to be different. Oh well, let the fun begin.

Could they have made it any smaller?

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  1. Hi John,

    Long time no speaky, but I just had to get in contact when I saw the 29er. That looks awesome. You're the first person I know who has got one, so I'm interested to see how it works out. The internet tells me good things.

    Oh I noticed you did the Marin trail the other week. I've had the pleasure of cruising round it also and thought it was great. Good write up.

    Where abouts in the world are you based at the moment?

    Anyway, all the best,