Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Berm Baby Berm

Two minutes of pure bliss; riding so brilliant it had me whooping and cackling to myself as I carved through the woods. Two minutes of just my body, my bike and the trail, no distractions, no compromises just pure enjoyment.

A first visit to Glentress one of the famed 7Stanes and I've found a spiritual home, by far the best trail center I've visited. A brilliant day only just scratching the potential of whats on offer here, a brilliant red and monster black trail still awaiting discovery on a future visit.

I would not normally have considered a blue route but I was taking a friend out riding for the first time so lowered the sights a bit. I'm glad I did, the trail was brilliantly constructed getting every inch of enjoyment out the hillside; challenging for a beginner, yet still great flat out for more experienced riders.

The highlight a short section called "Berm Baby Berm" so new you could almost smell the varnish on the entrance gates. Trail design isn't easy, but here they have excelled; the corners bermed to perfection flow into eachother  with the occasional roller thrown in to get some air. Just amazingly brilliant.
Think these guys liked it too

One satisfied customer

Glentress Trail Map

Southern Uplands

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