Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Sales Pitch

Just back from a weeks outdoor training. First off was a mountain first aid course at Plas Y Brennin then mountain bike leadership training at Glenmore Lodge. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and was once again struck by the quality of the experience both these institutions offer.

Plas Y Brennin is the National Outdoor Center for England and is run by a charity; Sport England to promote climbing, walking, paddling, and other mountain sports. Due the the vagaries of geology however the English countryside is generally a little too soft and naff for mountain sports;  therefore the center as hinted at by the name is situated in Wales and has a great deal of Welsh blood in it's heritage. Glenmore Lodge fulfills the same roll for Scotland.

The centers offer a huge range of courses, introductory taster sessions, personal skills courses from beginner to advanced, and mountain qualifications to allow you to pass on skills to others. I wholeheartedly recommend you have a look at what they offer and give a course a go. The instruction is enthusiastic, engaging and challenging and set within some of the best mountain landscapes we have in the UK.

Get involved.

Glenmore Lodge with the Cairngorms beyond

So which is best? England and Wales Vs. Scotland

Accomodation: Glenmore Lodge, brand new rooms, amazing showers
Food: PYB would probably win for their flapjack alone!
Facilities: Both centres have pools, climbing wall, bar, and ski slope, the Lodge also has a MTB course sauna, and rifle range.
Location: A bit like being asked to choose between your children really!
Staff: I don't have a bad word to say about either, the instruction was top notch not only in content but in the delivery.

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