Saturday, 29 October 2011

M62 Night Photography

Junction 22 on the M62 is the highest point on the motorway network in England, at this point the Pennine Way long distance path crosses the road perched high on a foot bridge. I have long thought the bridge would make an excellent viewpoint for night photography as really all that is up here is the road and dark open moor.

Last night I actually got round to walking up to have a look, the view of a stream of traffic pouring the 7 or so miles across the blackness of Saddleworth Moor was not actually as clear from here as I thought it would be as there was not quite enough elevation (there is another bridge the other side of the moor which may offer a better view). The bridge itself did however make quite an interesting study lit by the glow of the traffic and road lighting.

 Junction 22 (ISO400, 30sec, f9.0)

 Chasm of Light, The Pennine Way Bridge (ISO 400, F9.0, 4min)

 The Pennine Way Bridge (ISO 200,  f9.0, 3min)

Looking east towards Huddersfield and Halifax the M62 cross Saddleworth Moor

Edit 31/10/11 

Visited the other bridge tonight, a much better viewpoint on a lonely moor high (40m or so) above the motorway. Great view of the road east and westbound but slightly depressing as the bridge is covered in signs from the Samaritans and is obviously a "popular" suicide spot. Indeed I was slightly worried that someone may see my wandering arround on it, get the wrong idea, and call the police.

I was only scoping the location tonight, it was cold overcast and windy, plus I was hungry so the photos were quick and for future reference only and are not good enough to put up here. Plus it was actually too dark. It does appear I'm not the first to spot the potential of the place a quick google search turned this up. Very impressive!


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