Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lifestyle or Product; and do I Really Care?

Their getting good at these; "The Art of Flight" is an amazingly good snowboarding video; the camera work is stunning, the locations amazing, and boarding frankly off the scale. It also reeks of money, lots and lots of money clearly no expense spared shooting, will it make its money back on iTunes? I doubt it. Why then has it been made?

We watch these videos yet it's not like we can't see what they are? All these videos are adverts, adverts for sports, adverts for places, adverts for lifestyles. Watching it fills you with excitement to go places, see things, hang on to the coat tails of the ridiculously talented/brave. For many of us they offer a window into a world we scratch the surface of a few times a year.

This video is also a massive advert for something that has very little to do with snowbording Red Bull. Red Bull use outdoor sports especially those the media and general public dub as "extreme" as a key part of their marketing stratergy. Sell the lifestyle, sell the product synonymous with the lifestyle, clearly it must work as they keep doing it. Actually I don't really care that this is an integral part of a huge marketing strategy because for me it's selling something else; inspiration.

Inspiration or entertainment. I guess it's how you see the film (and I do recommend you see the film); do you go out boarding, or skiing, climbing, biking whatever; or do you live your dreams through the lens and the experiences of others. I may never carve my way down a stunning fluted peak in Alaska but I will ski Central Gully on Ben Lui and Aladdin's Couloir in the Cairngorms, and I will climb in the Alaskan ranges.

Whilst I'm doing it perhaps I will feel the need for a shot of suggar and caffeine in some deep routed Pavlovian response. You too? Fancy that. If you do, don't feel too bad lets keep Red Bull in business then they can act as location scouts for our lives.

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