Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project Pitt

A significant rise in computing power over the last week has finally allowed me to do something useful with the HD video that has been cluttering up my hard drive for the last year. I shot this footage in February at the same time as this photo set of my mates Matt and Dom having a first working session on Brad Pitt a celebrated boulder problem in the Peak.

Below is my first attempt at putting a video together; to edit the footage I used iVideo the standard software available on a Mac and was really surprised how easy it was to use.  As the boys did not get very far on the first look I did not have that much footage to work with plus when I was shooting I did not really think about continuity hence the few errors in that department.

I've lots to learn with this, how to put sound in for starters; but I'm really enthusiastic at going out and shooting stuff, so expect to see more.

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