Thursday, 24 November 2011

We Love The Winter

First The Pain

Then The Gain

As the last days of a gloriously colourful autumn slide slowly towards the long dark nights of winter most people zip their coats up against the wind and rain, snuggle deeper into the warmth sofa or the arms of a partner, and grit their teeth with a steely determination to wait it out for the joys of spring.

For for a small few however the encroaching long nights and hard frosts herald the arrival of perhaps the best season of the year. Like the squirrel who has spent the autumn months carefully burying food for the winter these creatures have been hidden away in garages and cellars from which the smell of freshly waxed skis and the sound of newly sharpened crampons has been emanating.

Better late than never it appears that winter is just around the corner with snow predicted to fall across the highlands and a series of freeze thaws forecast to get everything nicely into nick. I'm one of those few who look forward to every winter a season, overtaken by an air of expectation from mid September.

Our mountains in their gowns of snow and ice are at there most beautiful, delicate, fragile and pure. The snow and ice smooth hard lines and produce a simple colour palette often stark against a brilliant blue sky lit by the soft light of a low winter sun. 

It's a shame so many discount winter as a season for staying indoors because really it's so easy to have an adventure in winter. For me just walking up a hill and feeling the crunch of snow under my books make the mountain experience so much more enjoyable and exciting.

This year I'm really excited about learning to ski tour, snowhole, and becoming completely solid at Scottish III/IV and pushing it a bit on V. Achievements and epics will be reported here in lurid detail but really you should get out and experience this season of hidden joys for yourself.

This rather verbose post is also summed up pictorially here.

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