Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What's the Story

Last year I posted a series of beautifully shot and brilliantly paced films from a film maker called Jordan Manley. Under a broad heading of A Skiers Journey they followed the film maker over a season telling a story of the places visited.

This year sees another three films released and the second, a story of skiing on the north west coast of Baffin Island is perhaps the most beautifully shot ski film I have ever seen. I recently raved about The Art of Flight a spectacular snowboard movie from the Red Bull Media House. Comparing these two films illustrates the different emotional responses filmmakers can achieve, both films are brilliant but are as different as chalk and cheese.

The story of The Art of Flight to me is about the boarding, the tricks, the lines, the lifestyle and the adrenaline, producing a wish to go out there and ride. The Baffin Island story along with last years short on the Freshfield Icefiled are in my opinion are not really about skiing at all, they are about exploration and adventure within the landscape. The joy comes from being within such an amazing places and experiencing a connection to them. 

Watching the wide angle shots of granite towers almost beyond imagination one feels a sense of awe, and for me at least excitement at the fact that such places can exist with the possibility that one day we can go there and enjoy them. 


Last years highlight....

The Art of Flight...

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