Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Loch Ossian Circuit

When the train pulls out of Corrour station you are very much on your own; perched in the middle of Rannoch Moor the stop consists of a platform and the former station house, and thats pretty much it; no roads run to Corrour only a rough gravel track leading down to Corrour Lodge at the far end of Loch Ossian.

 Loch Ossian

Going to Scotland during a royal party has become a bit of a default suggestion for me, last year I avoided the royal wedding by heading up to sky and this year i'm getting away from the jubilee celebrations with four days biking in the highlands.

Loch Ossian, looking towards Ben Adler

Lochside shelter

A short 13km circuit of Loch Ossian by bike is a perfect easy ride following the long drive up yesterday or should that be this morning? The terrain is easy well, within the reach of all but the most novice riders. Down south rain is forecast but Scotland is currently basking in a glorious high pressure system bringing clear blue sky's and a warm sun which glints off the blue waters of the loch.

From right to lefttThe Grey Corries, Anoach Mor, Carn Mor Derag, and The Ben

Loch Ossian from near Corrour Lodge

From the station a fine vista opens out down the valley towards the loch and beyond to the mighty Ben Adler.  North west and the high peaks of the Grey Corries, and beyond the Anoach's and the Ben herself hang on to patches of brilliant white snow. The pine woods surrounding Loch Ossian smell glorious in the light breeze and the ride becomes a leisurely meander round the water stoping to enjoy the peace and beauty of the landscape.

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