Saturday, 3 November 2012

Movie Time: Iceland

I'm slowly learning with video that you can never shoot too much; I flew out to Iceland with 24GB of storage but failed to fill more than eight, and even then most of that was still pictures. 

I do have a few excuses, the weight saving decision to leave the tripod at home and the really strong winds meant I was not about to let go of the camera perched precariously to get some nice action shots. Really though I just did not think things through, its often the little linking shots that are missing, too much staring at the marco of the jaw dropping scenery not looking for the detail.

From this display of poor planning I have just about managed to salvage a semi coherent story out of the ashes; hopefully it gives a flavour of what the trip was like.

Being critical I feel I now need to move away from the "lots of pretty views to music" style of video and start to tell a story. Unfortunately this will involve me taking and the camera and I'm not sure I want to inflict that on you all yet. Stay tuned.....