Monday, 10 December 2012

A Skier's Journey

Now entering their third season A Skier's Journey are triumvirate of short films from Jordan Manley linked together by a love or travel, exploration, landscape, and skiing. They are always a highlight of the years images always beautifully shot landscapes and stories linked together a narration pitched perfectly alongside the images.

For me this years highlight is a fantastic exploration of the harsh yet beautiful north west fjords of Iceland told along side a story of the struggle of Icelanders to carve a living from the barren hills. The second film is a strange juxtaposition of snow and sand, how skiing has been brought to the desert. For me the big irony about the wolds largest indoor ski slope is only hinted at right at the very end; the vast power consumption to make snow at 40oC helping cripple our atmosphere and destroy our winters. 

The section in Japan (the country in the world I would most like to visit) from the bright lights of Tokyo to the powder fields of the mountain forests is for me the weakest of the three. I'm not sold on the decision to film in black and white which robs the forest of it's beauty and snow of it's brilliance.

There is nothing this year to rival the jaw dropping Baffin Island pice from last season; probably the best section of adventure filming I have ever seen and worth a visit after you have enjoyed these films.

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