Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Belated Update and the Kungseleden

Its been over six months since my last post with various things getting in the way of both getting out and getting something down on (metaphorical) paper.

Anyway here is a video and some pictures from my summer trip to Arctic Sweden to walk a section of the Kungseleden or Kings Trail. Hopefully at some point I will be back to add some text too.

 View above Abisko

 View above Abisko

 Slightly odd colours with the Polariser

 Walking in on day 1

 The first of may duck boards to protect soft ground

 The rain clears on Day 2 

 Out comes the sun

 Not a bad view to go to bed with

 The cabins of the day 2 halt

 Getting wilder - day 3

 Vast spaces

 Day 3 halt

The final view of the hills

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