Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Perfect Pyrenees

It's been a while; heading back into the world of blogging with hopefully a bit more commitment for the rest of this year. I have actually quite a few good trips to talk about most recently a trip to the Pyrenees and my first experience of riding up really big hills. I learned a few things:

1. France is big, driving across it by yourself is a dumb idea.
2. Thanks to long wave radio Test Match Special works as far as Toulouse
3. The Col du Tourmalet is big, especially at the end of a 90km ride
4. In France drivers actually respect cyclists
5. A SLR and road biking don't mix
6. Overtaking cars on decent is fun, just don't think what happens if you come off at 80kph
7. When in the Hurt Locker it is impossible to look dignified on a bike, especially if your trying to eat a gel at the same time. 

So below are some pictures I took with my SLR the one day I ditched the bike and took the car. I returned to the Route Du Lacs which we had cycled up a few days previously to capture the amazing panorama. I have a new 10-20mm landscape lens which is brilliant, the only issue is it's so with the grad filter holder now creeps into shot when full open.

 Looking down from the upper dam

 The storms clear

 Spot the dam

 What goes up... the road home