About Me

Why The Mountain Goat? A nom de plume should say something about its scribe, a hint at the personality behind the words. I would love to tell you I chose the name because I'm a rugged mountain creature, keen of eye, and sure of foot forever exploring the steeper and more remote pastures of this world. My friends however could equally argue that it's because I'm a bit clumsy, and not the most photogenic person in the world.

With an attentive belayer at Bamford (photo D. Sellers)

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century, the remote corners of the world have been mapped, the age of exploration is over. I read enviously of the travels of Polo, Ross, Lewis and Clark, Tilman, and Scott. Then I remember the malaria, the scurvy, frostbite, and the myriad of other illnesses that plagued these explorers and I run away to my antibiotics.

The outdoors is in my blood ;despite having been born and brought up in a city I have always felt more comfortable in the mountains. I guess I like to really feel the sun, the wind, the rain, to feel that you are living connected to nature not isolated from it. 

On the Vallee Blanch, during my first Alps trip (photo D. Sellers)

I'm interested in photography especially of landscapes and the sea, and am looking at getting started in video. I'm not very computer literate, and I'm dyslexic so you will have to live with the typos I'm afraid.

On the Aguille du Tour (photo D. Sellers)