About My Blog

Why start a blog?

The first question to ask was did I think I had something interesting to say? Yes.  I had always kept an outdoor journal of days in the hills it seemed a short step to share this with others, many of whom may have accompanied me on one or more trips. Soon after starting though I realized I wanted to talk about much more than my time outdoors hence the rather scattered subjects that crop up every now and again.

There was another reason. Those who know me will tell you that I am reasonably quite in real life.  I don't know if I would go as far as saying I'm taciturn but I'm certainly not garrulous. Despite this I hold strong opinions and am very passionate about a lot of what I do, probably to the border of being slightly obsessive. I also question my self and things around me quite regularly. I wanted this aspect of my personality to come out more in the blog than perhaps I manage face to face with people. I have therefore tried to make the blog as honest as possible.

I studied chemistry at university and eventually completed a PhD. Years of science training has in my opinion shaped a very analytical approach to the way I write in terms of content and structure.  The blog is in a way is a reaction against this, I wanted to try and drag my creative side out of hiding prove to my self I'm not a one trick pony.

Since starting I have thought long and hard about having multiple blogs for different interests, one for the outdoors, one for music etc. In the end I decided against this as the blog is about it's author and I am interested in variety of things. You as reader are welcome to pick and choose but I want all my thoughts to appear in one place because thats what they do in my head.

I was never sure how popular it would be but have had a lot of positive feedback from a large number of my friends who have said that they enjoy reading it. I'm really pleased by this and it makes me want to try and improve the blog further. 

I stand by everything I say on here as a true representation of what I thought at the time but I reserve the right to change my opinion and contradict myself as I do not plan to ever remove any posts.