My Photos

All my photos are taken on a Cannon 550D fitted with either a sigma 10-20mm, or cannon 55-250mm lense. Where possible I lake to work in camera and use Lee filters as the bank balance allows. Where photo editing is usually to create panorama or HDR images I use Adobe Lightroom.

My video footage is shot on either my Cannon or a GoPro Hearo 4 and then edited in iMovie.

Photo Copyright

As I have become more interested in photography my opinion on this has changed. I used to allow free unrestricted use of my photos but as of April 2016 I would now request that you ask me before using them elsewhere. Photos are copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated.

Prior to 2012 when I had only recently started my blog I used to use a lot of third party photos which I did not credit properly, I am in the process of rectifying this and I will happily remove any photos from the site should the copyright owner ask me to do so.